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zamów remont transformatora

Comprehensive solutions

Transformatory. Kompleksowe rozwiązania

Transformers. Diagnostics, service, repair, modernization

Partial discharge studies

Oil testing

Service of devices in SF6 insulation

Badania aparatury WN i SN

Renewable energy

We can extend the life of a transformer by up to 15 years.

Zamów usługę
📞 +48 607 691 317

Zamów usługę
📞 +48 607 691 317

If you have transformers whose average age has exceeded 25 years and you do not know what decisions to make regarding their further operation, we will come to your aid by offering a whole range of modern diagnostic methods.

We started our activity in 1998, from the production of subassemblies for on-load tap changers. Along with the dynamic development of the company, the range of services offered has also increased, which currently covers five basic areas:

Diagnostics and comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of transformers
Transformer asset management systems
Service and repair services as well as production of spare parts and accessories
Technical consultancy
special services