Energo-Complex also offers the possibility of continuous monitoring of a transformer with regard to PD detection in the insulation system of the unit. Discharges that occur in the insulation of power transformer windings are a highly stochastic phenomenon. They often change their amplitude or intensity of occurrence. In many cases a reliable assessment of the degree of damage to the insulation system requires observation of the phenomenon over a longer period of time. A device that works in the monitoring mode is permanently installed on the tested unit, while access to the measurement data is possible remotely using a computer or mobile devices.

Fig. 6. View of the on-line PD monitoring software window

During the configuration of the monitoring function it is possible to determine the time intervals in which recording is carried out and the duration as well as all metrological parameters of the measurement signal. Basic measurement values can be read out very easily using the cursor. After clicking on a given measurement point, a graphic window opens in which a full analysis can be performed.

Fig. 7. Detailed analysis of signals generated by PD for a measurement point selected as an example