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A course on managing transformers

We cordially invite you to the course “Operational management and assessment of the technical condition of transformers based on diagnostic tests”. The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with the issues of measurement methods, state assessment technical transformers based on the analysis of results. The course includes 24 teaching hours lectures and laboratory […]

LOVE – teaser

An album will soon be released, which is a record of the concert “Love”, played by Józef Skrzek and Henryk Botor in the church. St. Catherine in Krakow, April 26, 2018. We invite you to watch the plate teaser. Its publisher is the Energo-Complex company. Album MIŁOŚĆ (teaser)Watch this video on YouTube

Video report from the conference “Switches in operation 2018”

We invite you to watch a short video report on the scientific and technical conference “Switches in operation 2018” organized by Energo-Complex, Obre and Omircon (Kraków, 25-27 April). Relacja z Konferencji "Łączniki w eksploatacji 2018"Watch this video on YouTube

Conference “Transformers Operation Management”

On May 9-11 we participated in the scientific and technical conference “Management of Transformers’ Operation” organized by Energopomiar Elektryka Gliwice. Janusz Płowucha delivered a lecture entitled “Podstawy oceny opłacalności modernizacji transformatorów”.   [WRGF id=6581]

“Switches in operation 2018” – Conference summary

The conference “Swithces in operation 2018” has gone down in history. The meeting took place in Krakow (25-27.04.2018). We could listen to papers on energy, the latest technologies and visit the stands of invited companies. In the evening, the guests listened to the concert by Józef Skrzeek. The conference was also an opportunity to celebrate […]

Evening in the philharmonic

We started the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the company by listening to the concert of les femmes in the Philharmonic. We invite you to look at the photo gallery below. [WRGF id=6512]

Switches in Operation 2018 – Conference plan

CONFERENCE PLAN „SWITCHES IN OPERATION – 2018” Q Hotel Plus Kraków 25-27.04.2018 25.04.2018 Wednesday 15.00 – 16.30 Registration 17.00 – 18.00 Session I 19.00 – Dinner party in Browar Lubicz 26.04.2018 Thursday 09.30 – 10.50 Session II 1. Przepięcia przy przerywaniu prądu zwarcia przez wyłączniki z SF6 – prof. dr hab. inż. Ryszard Malewski 2. […]

Happy Easter!

We wish you Happy Easter filled with plenty of Love and Happiness. Let Easter holiday brings us Peace, Abundance and joyful, spring Time spent with our Families.