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zamów remont transformatora

Qualified staff of Energo-complex employees, together with modern and research measuring equipment at our disposal, allow us to offer our customers the performance of a wide range of diagnostic tests and measurements of the high voltage equipment.

– measurement static contact resistance with min 100 A DC current
– Minimum pick-up test
– timing tests:
*Contact opening time
*Measurements of times and synchronization of main contacts
*sequence of settings times for the operation: open, close
*coil current analysis during operation: open, close
*measuring coil resistance for open and close operation
*undervoltage condition test: open, close

– dynamic contact resistance test (maximum current 100A DC)
– motor current analysis during operation
– spring charging time in each phase
– anty pumping test and check wrong position of the phase poles
– measurement of ground insulation and between the contact

– motion/contact travel test:
*measurement of contact speed, total travel and preparing charts for these measurements

– the scope of testing hexafluoride sulphur SF6 :
*measurement of gas quality
*measurement of gas decomposition products
*measurement of the moisture content in gas SF6
*measurement of gas dew point
*control of setting gas sensors

– current transformer and voltage transformer
*measurement of the knee point for current transformer
*measurement of dielectric losses coefficient tan delta
*measurement of insulation resistance
*oil analysis

– measurement of touch and step voltages
*measurement of touch voltage
*measurement of step voltage
*measurement of line impedances and k-factors