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zamów remont transformatora

We have the most modern analytical laboratory in Poland, which is run by OBRE Ltd., belonging to ENERGO-COMPLEX group. Laboratory offers a complete analysis of insulating-cooling liquids in accordance with the requirements of the IEC, BS, ASTM, as well as special tests, according to customer requirements.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of laboratory services at www.obre.pl

Based on the extensive knowledge and experience of an interdisciplinary team of employees and partners OBRE Ltd. offers the following services:

DGA Diagnosis
Physicochemical oil tests
Contents of furan compound
The content of corrosive sulfur in oil
Oil testing for the presence of PCB

WNZ examination in insulation systems using various methods including acoustic, electric and UHF
Examination of insulation systems of oil cellulose and composite oil
Examination of construction and noise vibration
Thermo graphic study of electro-power equipment
Measurements of electrical machinery, generators, WN transformers and switchgear