The long-time experience and vast knowledge of our workers and experts of transformer design together with the physical-chemical processes taking place therein in the course of operation serve as the basis for diagnosing the technical condition of transformers and technical advisory. Substantial investments in technical facilities, research and training programmes, as well as the exchange of experience with Polish and foreign centres specialising in issues related to the study of transformers and their operation ensure high quality of the offered maintenance and repair services.

ENERGO-COMPLEX is constantly searching for the latest solutions. For that very reason we would like to encourage you to learn more about our business and to contact us if the solutions offered by your company might be interesting to us.

ENERGO-COMPLEX Sp. z o.o. collaborates with Polish research centres (among others, the West Pomeranian University of Technology) on the implementation of joint research and development projects that introduce numerous cutting edge technologies in regard to the offered services.


The French group ARRAS MAXEI has over 100 years of history and deals with designing and manufacturing machines and devices for electrical power industry. Basing on ARRAS-MAXEI technology, we have introduced regeneration of electrical insulating oils into our service offer.