ENERGO-COMPLEX Sp. z o.o. collaborates with Polish research centres (among others, the West Pomeranian University of Technology) on the implementation of joint research and development projects that introduce numerous cutting edge technologies in regard to the offered services.

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH

We are the authorized representative of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH company. We conduct warranty and post-warranty service of the switches produced by them. We sell the appliances and accessories produced by MR and Messko companies. There are on-load tap changers, motor drives, thermometers, oil level indicators and the like in our offer.

OMICRON elekctronics GmbH

Since 2013 we have been cooperating with OMICRON company in transformer diagnostics, as well as the installation and launch of On-Line power transformer monitoring systems. OMICRON sells its devices in over 140 countries worldwide, combining top technology with excellent quality.


The French group ARRAS MAXEI has over 100 years of history and deals with designing and manufacturing machines and devices for electrical power industry. Basing on ARRAS-MAXEI technology, we have introduced regeneration of electrical insulating oils into our service offer.