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zamów remont transformatora

Dołącz do naszego zespołu

Our company is constantly broadening the scope of offered services and implementing modern technologies in electrical power industry. For that very reason we are constantly accepting applications for positions in a measurement and research team submitted by individuals who are open to improving their understanding of cutting-edge and modern methods pertaining to the diagnostics of electrical power equipment.

If you are open to new challenges, have necessary skills and experience or if you are a higher education graduate and wish to work in a dynamic modern company where you could fulfil your professional aspirations, e-mail us your CV/resume.

Email: info@energo-complex.pl

Apprenticeship and student stay

If interested in electrical engineering or keen on electrical measurements and willing to improve your knowledge, we will offer you the possibility to contact the top-notch experts and familiarise yourself with high-tech measurement equipment and methods.

Interested in a student stay or apprenticeship? Contact us.