The relation from Mining Seminar

On 22nd November 2012, in the Park of Science and Technology’s Tradition in Siemianowice Śląskie (Poland), had place another Mining Seminar organized by our company together with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Nynas Poland and the Technical University of Opole. It is worth noting that the WUG Electro-Mechanical Department and Specialist Mining Office took patronage over the seminar.

The main theme of this year’s meeting was the safety of powering the mining plants in terms of managing the exploitation of main power transformers, powering the main 110kV stations. During the presentation, special attention was paid to issues related to the assessment of the technical condition and the ability to extend the time of their “life”.

During the session the following reports were presented:

  • „Security of powering the critical infrastructure in electric power engineering” – B. Dudek
  • „Registration of the hydrogen content in transformer’s oil by various monitoring systems” – R. Malewski
  • „The activity of SUG” – M. Ferdyn
  • „The system of TrafoGrade transformers’ management” – J. Płowucha
  • „The diagnosis of transformer bushings” – J. Subocz
  • „The support of FRA Measurement Evaluation through modeling” – M. Gawrylczyk
  • „Managing the population of transformers with on-line systems” – W. Fleishmann
  • „Some power safety issues concerning the underground mines” – J. Tkaczyk
  • „Acoustic methods of diagnostics OLTC” – A. Cichoń
  • „The detection and location of partial discharges in transformers powering the mines” – J. Skubis
  • „Practical experience in managing the population of transformers in KGHM” – R. Biernacki
  • „The use of vacuum technology in OLTC” – H. Rotter

A man’s life isn’t only about the transformers, this is why the official part of the seminar was followed by common conversations accompanied by tasty snacks and music of the „Jania Band”. The culmination of the meeting was the concert of the legendary brothers Skrzek, who played a concert titled „Two Brothers”. It was about Silesia, in Silesian and for the Silesia region.

Thank you all for participating in the seminar!

The relation from Mining Seminar 2012