Christmas meeting for the customers and well-wishers of ENERGO-COMPLEX

On 17th December 2011 Christmas meeting was held or the customers and well-wishers of our company in the stylish interiors of Pałac Kawalera Hotel in Swierklaniec (Poland).

The participants of the meeting were introduced into the Christmas mood by the carol from the cameral concert performed by Jozef and Jan Skrzek. Then our guests were entertained by Andrzej Woznikowski, famous polish traveler, journalist and wine enthusiast. During the ceremonial dinner he conducted the tasting of wines from Italian vineyards, which perfectly reflected the character and the charm of Italy together with the prepared Italian delicacies although it all happened in Poland.

It has to be added that during this evening the regional accents and traditional Polish carols were not also missing.

We would like to thank all the present visitors for the time we could spend together and we wish you Merry Christmas in the family atmosphere.

Christmas meeting for the customers and well-wishers of Energo-Complex