We invite you to the scientific and technical conference

We are honored and pleased to invite you to participate in VI International Scientific and Technical Conference “Transformers in Operation”.

Trying to meet the participants’ expectations and taking into account inevitable connections of various issues from the area of electrical devices operation, the next meeting Transformers in Operation goes beyond the strict subject matter of the transformers.

The subject matter of VI conference will embrace the issues from broadly understood electrical devices diagnostics. The topics which will be particularly connected with the possibility of the technical state assessment during the regular functioning of the device. The representatives of the scientific world and people responsible for electrical devices operation from our country and abroad will take part in the conference. The wide circle of prominent specialists will create the area of mutual exchange of experience within the European and world trends in the technical state diagnostics of the electrical devices.

You, dear participants, are the most important element of each conference!

That is why we hope that our meeting will be fruitful for you and your stay with us will be full of nice impressions.