Visit to Reinhausen head office

Between 17 and 19 November 2009, in response to an invitation from representatives of Maschinenfabrik REINHAUSEN, a group of our OLTC user customers visited Regensburg. The purpose of the visit was to become acquainted with the technological side of OLTC production and well as to find out about how the quality control system is carried out.

An important point of the meeting was presenting the possibility of exchanging used OLTCs from other producers for new MR ones, without the necessity of transporting the transformer to the renovation base. The high voltage laboratory made the greatest impression on the participants, where it was possible to see what endurance tests the OLTCs have to undergo, which directly has an effect on their reliability and life span.

In order to get away from technical matters for a while, guests visited the Old Town of Ragensburg with a history going back to 200AD, and full of ancient monuments and places.