Publication: “Energy Transformers Operation” – Volume 2

We present volume 2 of the book series “Energy Transformers Operation” which is the consistent realization of our promises related to the latest knowledge presentation in the area of broadly understood transformers operation. Like in the previous publications experts share their broad knowledge and experience as well as practice connected with transformer construction, its diagnostics and expert systems supporting the service.

We expect that the issues discussed in this volume will be very helpful in solving at least some of the problems related to the current transformers operation and planning of their purchase and renovation. We hope that thanks to your opinions and advice we will be able to elaborate and publish the next volume of the book series “Energy Transformers Operation”.

Prof. ZUT Jan Subocz, PhD. Eng.

Mr. Wojciech Leśniak will give you all the information about the purchase under the phone number: +48 32 775 67 06.