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On 31st May 2008 we had the pleasure of participating in the celebrations connected with 10th anniversary of the company. The celebrations began in Basilica in Piekary Śląskie (Poland) with the holy mass with the intention of workers and their families. After the holy mass the workers and the guests went to the assembly hall, where we had the chance to watch a short film presenting ENERGO-COMPLEX history. Then the anniversary awards were given to the workers and the gifts were handed out to the guests who contributed into our company development in a special way. The official part was finished with dinner in the Pilgrim’s House.

Unofficial part commenced in the afternoon. During the meeting we could eat barbecue meals as well as some snacks, salads and cakes. We also drank beer and wine so that the heat does not disturb us. The main dish was roast ostrich. Children obtained small gifts which were surely the additional attraction for them. The older guests could not have felt bored as well. Music and karaoke concert made the whole feast more pleasant. The celebrations were finished with the excellent several minute fireworks demonstration.