“Increase in distribution company competitiveness” – an account of the seminar

In the days 5-6 March 2008 we organized the seminar in Hotel META in Szczyrk (Poland) together with the Opole University of Technology (Poland) and EnergiaPro Energy Concern. It was devoted to the issues of increase in distribution company competitiveness through the effective transformers population management on the basis of the modern diagnostic methods.

The representatives of all the departments of EnergiaPro Energy Concern as well as the representatives of ENION SA department in Częstochowa (Poland) took part in the meeting.

The seminar began with the speech delivered by ENERGO-COMPLEX chairman Marek Szrot, who familiarized the participants with the company activity profile and he introduced them into the topic of the discussed issues.

Jan Subocz PhD. Eng. presented the assumptions of the technical state assessment system and TrafoGrade transformer property management in the first paper. Vice chairman of ENERGO-COMPLEX Board of Directors Janusz Płowucha presented the results of the technical state assessment of 20 transformers population conducted by TrafoGrade system in the next speech. Then Prof. Ryszard Malewski familiarized the participants of the meeting with the paper entitled “Transformers technical state assessment on the basis of the diagnostic research: PDC, FDS, FRA serves as the basis of the decision about the renovation or the unit exchange” written by R. Malewski, J. Subocz. M. Szrot, J. Płowucha and R. Zaleski. The paper will be also delivered at CIGRE session in Paris in August.

In the second part of the meeting the representative of the Opole University of Technology Andrzej Cichoń PhD. presented the paper related to the winding compaction state assessment and energy transformer core on the basis of the vibroacoustic measurements in the unestablished states.

The first day of the seminar was finished by the speech of chairman Bogumił Dudek, who presented the possibilities and the latest technologies of performing the works with the devices directly live without the necessity of turning them off.

The second day was commenced by the speech delivered by Prof. Tomasz Boczar representing the Opole University of Technology. He elaborated on the assumptions to the study of the expert systems of energy transformers insulation system diagnostics.

In the next speech Janusz Płowucha representing ENERGO-COMPLEX company, authorized representative of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen company, the world leader in the production of on-load tap changers, presented the latest technological solutions used in the OLTC production providing their reliability and long time of operation. The next speech was devoted to the issues of transformer oil and physical and chemical phenomena emerging in it.

During the session the participants of the seminar had the chance to ask questions to the lecturers, which resulted in a lot of interesting discussions. The participants of the meeting vigorously debated the presented topics and they exchanged their experience gained in their companies during the breaks between the sessions and at the ceremonial supper.