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11th October 2007 was an exceptional day in the history of ENERGO-COMPLEX due to the opening ceremony of the new premises. For the first time we had the honor of hosting so many of our customers, cooperators, sympathizers and other guests in our company.

The opening ceremony was initiated on Wednesday 10th October by the technical seminar devoted to our new publication entitled “Energy Transformers Operation: the Basics of the Transformers Technical Specification”. The main point of the deliberations was the speech of the author of the book Władysław Pewca PhD. Eng., who made the synthesis of his work.

During the seminar our permanent partners Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen and the Opole University of Technology made their presentations. Like at all our conferences there were also the companies which presented their trade offer in the backstage stands. This time they were such companies as Kelman, Omicron, Bezpol oraz Elektro-Kabel. On Thursday 11th October we started from the ribbon-cutting ceremony in our premises in Piekary Śląskie (Poland). This symbolic act was done by:

• Vice-chancellor of the Opole University of Technology Prof. Jerzy Skubis PhD. Eng.
• Director General of Nynas IOM Peter Backlund
• Chairmen of Nynas Polska Grzegorz Sochański and Piotr Sokół
• Director of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Erwin Zeisig and Harald Rotter
• President of the City Piekary Śląskie Stanisław Korfanty
• Chairman of ENERGO-COMPLEX Marek Szrot

Then Prelate Władysław Nieszporek, Dean of Piekary Deanery consecrated the building and afterwards the guests were invited to visit the building and familiarize themselves with the modern transformer oil analysis laboratory.

The second part of the ceremony took place in the splendid building of Silesian Opera in Bytom. ENERGO-COMPLEX chairman Marek Szrot solemnly opened the gala with his speech, during which he thanked customers for their contribution in the company development and their trust. He directed the words of special gratefulness to the permanent trade partner Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen for their trust, will to cooperate and their help in the realization of the company mission. He expressed his gratitude to the permanent scientific partner the Opole University of Technology for the honor of building the actual bridge between the world of science and industry. Further he thanked his co-workers and the companies providing services for ENERGO-COMPLEX.

The last part of his speech was devoted to people, who contributed to the company development in a particular way. They were honored with the special award established for this occasion i.e. the crystal statue of an angel holding company logo in his hands.

The following people were awarded on that day:

• Prof. Jerzy Skubis PhD. Eng.
• Prof. Ryszard Malewski PhD. Eng.
• Jan Subocz PhD. Eng.
• Helena Słowikowska PhD. and Docent Jerzy Słowikowski
• Mr. Peter Backlund

Before the statues were received by each of the laureates Mr. Marek Szrot made a short characterization of the prize-winner and he explained why he/she should receive it. After this moving ceremony the representative of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Mr. Harald Rotter delivered a speech and he officially handed the certificate of the authorized representation in Poland for ENERGO-COMPLEX to Mr. Marek Szrot.

Then Mr. Erwin Zeisig thanked Prof. Ryszard Malewski for the hitherto prevailing cooperation and representation of the company in Poland.

During the gala Vice-chancellor of the Opole University of Technology Prof. Jerzy Skubis PhD. Eng. summarized hitherto prevailing cooperation with our company and he handed Mr. Marek Szrot the certificate of appreciation for “the contribution in the development of model cooperation between industry and science, the achievements in the field of innovativeness and implementation of new technologies as well as the services for Polish economy development”.

The representative of EnergiaPro S.A. the member of Board of Directors Distribution Executive Mr. Waldemar Skomudek gave our chairman the congratulatory letter with the appreciation for the attainments of our company, which was an unexpected honor for us.

The congratulatory letter sent by Chairman of PSE Południe SP. z o.o. Mr. Henryk Spierewek was a pleasant surprise. The letter emphasized our company’s persistence and consistency in pursuing the intended goals.

After the solemn ceremonies of awards and thanks there was a time for the long-awaited surprise which was also the expression of our gratitude to our customers and cooperators. Polish National Song and Dance Ensemble Śląsk in memory of Stanisław Hadyna appeared on the stage presenting the music and dance performance entitled “With Śląsk across Europe”.

Colorful and sumptuous costumes, breathtaking dances and excellent singing bewildered Polish and foreign guests gathered in the audience. Artists took the spectators in the fascinating journey across Silesia, Poland and Europe. It can be claimed without a doubt that for two hours the audience could feel that they are in the Heart of Europe. We hope that we could thank you, our dear customers for your contribution into our company development with the performance of Śląsk. We are very pleased that we could celebrate such an important event as the opening of our new premises together.

We trust that we will be able to work more effectively on your problems in the area of transformers operation in this new place. We believe that you will still place your confidence in us and that we will be celebrating next important events and jubilees together.

In the end we would like to thank Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen once more for their help in the organization of Opening Gala. Thanks to their assistance this important event could have been so solemn and splendid.

Yours faithfully
Marek Szrot