The basics of the transformers technical specification study

The market of electrical energy production and distribution will undergo the dynamic changes during the next few years. The increase of the network assets management effectiveness will appear as the crucial problem in the mainstream of these changes. On the other hand over the half of the currently installed transformers come to an end of their planned life. Consequently there is a strong need to establish a proper strategy of the further operation or exchange.

Trying to solve these problems ENERGO-COMPLEX published a book entitled “Transformers in Operation” and plenty of publications which met unexpectedly high approval among exploit engineers and in the academic world. Apart from the support we also received the suggestions concerning the issues which would be useful in the transformers operation. That is why we decided to initiate the systematical publication of the guidebooks which present up-to-date issues connected with transformers operation in a detailed way. We intend to entrust the study of the next issues to the recognized Polish and foreign experts, who will assure respectively high standard of the publications. In that way we refer to our company mission which is included in the phrase: “Transformers – comprehensive solutions”.

We inaugurate the book series entitled “Energy Transformers Operation” with the present book. It elaborates on the up-to-date issues associated with the preparation of the Energy Transformers Technical Specification. The next editions will concern oil management system and on-load tap changers. We believe that the whole series will provide you with the indispensable compendium of the practical knowledge about the modern trends in transformers operation.